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About Out of the BlueLynn

My name is Lynn Wanders and I founded Out of the Blue Personal & Professional Coaching in 2003.

I started my career as a school teacher and became fascinated by how our perception of ourselves affects our growth and learning. This fascination drew me to the fields of neuro-linguistic programming and coaching, in which I have trained and worked with several international leaders.

About Out of the Blue

My mission and passion as a life coach is to facilitate the learning that leads to the understanding and awareness of ourselves and others to enhance and enrich our lives and our relationships, whether it be in a work, home or educational environment.

As well as NLP, EFT and TLT my work is also inspired by Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, and The Metaphor Model, and I would love to see Personal Development, and more specifically NLP and Emotional Intelligence become an integral part of high school curriculums and teacher training programmes.

Qualifications (in a nutshell)

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